Cipotes on the Move is an avenue that highlights Salvadoreños who are following their passions and making a positive impact in their communities, while pursuing their dreams. 

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Karla Castro

I was born in San Miguel, El Salvador (proud Miguelena). My parents and I immigrated from El Salvador when I was 2 years old. I have been passionate about flowers since I was a little girl. I don’t think there ever a time in my life where I didn’t have fresh flowers around me. I absolutely love flowers! In April 2020, I was furloughed from my corporate job. I needed a way to get through such a challenging I turned to making flower arrangements! I had always made flower arrangements for my home, my family and friends, but had never really made them to sell. I launched my flower business on Mother’s Day last year and let me tell you, it was absolutely amazing! Making flower arrangements was so therapeutic for me.

Instagram - @a_dashof_karla


Jennifer Ruano Duran

Growing up in Los Angeles and shopping in los callejones (the Santee alleys) since a young age instilled in me the love and passion for fashion. Working in corporate America, I never felt fulfilled because I knew that wasn’t my true passion. I started my online women’s retail store in 2018 and was running it while also working full time. However, it took the mistreatment of a horrible boss for me to finally let go and quit. Now, I own and operate full time FEARLESS Kouture, the shopping destination for the fearless woman, and I also recently started my new business venture, Level Up with Jenny, were I help Latinas LEVEL UP by teaching them how to start their own online business, upgrade their careers, and improve their personal finances.

Instagram - @jenny_kouture

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Nelson Echeverria

Nací en Los Angeles y vivo actualmente en Kentucky :) hablo inglés francés español y estoy aprendiendo italiano y alemán ❤️ los idiomas son el mapa del mundo 🌍 mi papa es de San Salvador y mi mamá de la libertad. Vivia en Francia 🇫🇷/Bélgica 🇧🇪 antes de la pandemia. Ahí tras mis vlogs de mis aventuras salió la idea de empezar hacer skits de comedia y nació LA SIRI 📱 🇸🇻 SALVADOREÑA Siempre eh sido comediante Hasta cuando era bombero 👨‍🚒 y salíamos hacer misiones ... en veces yo era el bombero/paramédico más pasmado del batallón pero hacía a la mara reir 😂 Quiero hacer un icono internacional en la comedia por eso hago comedia 🎭 en varios idiomas. Todos es posible y gustaría tomar mi plataforma para agradecer le a dios por mi talento y mis aventuras y para DECIR LE A TODO MUNDO QUE TODOS SOMOS CAPACES DE CUMPLIR NUESTROS SUEÑOS!! eliminen cualquier pensamiento que no somos dignos para hacer lo que de verdad queremos. 🥰

Instagram - @_chaveznelson


Mario Arevalo

I decided to become an opera singer after my ESL Teacher introduced me to my choir teacher in High School. I was bullied a lot because I was an immigrant and from that moment on I allowed music to be in my life. I took every opportunity to gain knowledge and to show those that once called me names, the capabilities, the intelligence and the strength someone from a poor family, immigrant, and LGBTQ background. 

Instagram - @marioarevalotenor

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